About Us


We seek to empower people and maintain a civil society through education in rhetoric and communication. We draw on academic theory in rhetoric, linguistics, and communication to provide practical strategies for dialogue in pluralistic societies. We seek to provide people with tools to build bridges across differences.  


Mutual Persuasion believes that a citizen in a pluralistic society should have a well-rounded understanding of communication. Mutual Persuasion aims to develop an institution offering educational resources accessible to the general public and to academia that promote the power and necessity of communication in maintaining a society where unity and diversity can coexist.


Erec Smith


York College of Pennsylvania

Rhetoric & Composition

Jonathan Haidt


New York University Stern


Michael Maune

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Applied Linguistics

Allison Ellsworth

Arizona State University

Rhetoric & Composition

Corinne Dalelio

Coastal Carolina University


Amy Lombardi

Applied Linguistics

Joy Goldstein

Rhetoric & Composition

Steven J. Lawrence

Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology

English Composition